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What is a Cloud Infrastructure
Security Broker (CISB)?
Network Security
Network Security
A Cloud Infrastructure Security Broker compliments network security elements that do not come natively with your cloud platform, such as Firewall, IAM, VPN and 2FA.
A Cloud Infrastructure Security Broker unifies multiple cloud platforms under a single policy language. Enforces the same network security policy on all cloud platforms.
Orchestrates security policies across cloud platforms.
Cloud Infrastructure Security Broker
Network Automation & Visualization
Auto-discovers cloud resources and automatically configures security policies. Scales security and network configuration using APIs.
Provides real-time network view, collects events and logs and integrates with existing SIEM and IDS systems.

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Full security automation
Full automation
of security configurations
All-in-one security
All in one solution
Ease of use
Ease of use
intuitive web based UI for
Cloud agility
Business agility
any cloud, anywhere
Cloud cost efficiency
Cost efficiency
comprehensive security in
a ‘grow as you go’ model
HIPPA Compliance
HIPAA compliance

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