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2Factor Secure Cloud Access for AWS – See How – Now

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Are security concerns preventing your enterprise from taking full advantage of the public cloud’s benefits, such as power, scalability and lower costs? In this concise webinar we take a quick look at some of the pressing security issues in the public cloud, and demonstrate an effective solution.

With flexible work schedules and 24-hour businesses, remote users demand access to company resources. Datapipe and 40Cloud’s 2Factor Secure Cloud Access for AWS provides an Authentication and Cloud Gateway for AWS. The solution integrates with AWS native security concepts – VPC and Security Group automation – to secure your migration and ongoing operations with network-based access control to a cloud environment. Your users can safely access their data from anywhere, leveraging native operating system VPNs, while your IT administrators are able to control, monitor and report on employee remote access. You can view the full 5in15 webinar (5 slides in 15 minutes):

2Factor Secure Cloud Access integrates Datapipe Auth, a centrally managed two-factor authentication solution requiring a password and pin, with 40Cloud’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) security model, delivering enhanced security, access and control to clients. The solution provides identity-based firewall access and user VPN to AWS, with Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and Management. It can be managed on the AWS cloud platform, dedicated Datapipe hardware, a hosted private cloud, or on a hybrid deployment. 2Factor Secure Cloud Access is easy to use and mass deploy on native OS VPN clients (including Mac and Windows).

2Factor Secure Cloud Access for AWS scales to the largest deployment, with a single point of management and support. Other benefits include automatic configuration of security groups and routing, and auto scaling for efficiency. In addition, the solution offers increased visibility with audit trail and system event logs, alerts and email notifications for administrators. The solution also ends common hacking practices, like brute force or password phishing, by removing the risk of password compromise.

This enterprise-grade solution leads to greater compliance by addressing numerous PCI DSS requirements and is HIPAA compliant. The two-factor VPN authentication combined with cloud network firewall brings users greater security, access and control over the public cloud.

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