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40Cloud adds 4 New Features

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40Cloud continues to expand our product capabilities with a number of impressive developments. Beginning with the installation, AWS customers can now install and setup 40Cloud with almost no effort with our new AMI. This significant development builds on our existing features, such as Security Group and VPC routing automation, all of which are dedicated to making AWS usage more secure and scalable.

This AMI is available on the AWS Marketplace. The paid AMI supports automatic billing by AWS with per-hour granularity, ideally suited for a pay-per-use model. The BYOL option allows users more flexible and customized licensing possibilities, combined with the ease of use of the AMI model. Both options are available for free evaluation.

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More good news – our new status as an AWS Advanced Technology Partner (ATP) means that AWS users can rest assured that 40Cloud provides a respected, well-integrated solution for their AWS cloud. As our users know, an additional benefit of the 40Cloud solution is our outstanding support, which of course we will continue to provide.

Our product has also expanded its scope and now provides visibility into its cloud deployment. With the collection of user and network flows and other security events, this new functionality enables top-quality security controls of public or hybrid cloud infrastructure.

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40Cloud now provides enhanced visibility with increased granularity of network events, such as unauthorized logins, failed attempts to access forbidden resources, network flows and more. 40Cloud’s Gateways delivers this data to internal or external Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions that monitor the enterprise network.

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The external systems, such as Splunk and Intel Security ESM, collect events and provide alerts upon detection of suspicious behaviors and patterns, either in real-time (IDS) or in retrospect (SIEM). SIEM systems are also used for forensic analysis.

40Cloud’s enhanced capabilities reveal access and authorization events, attack attempts and hazardous patterns in real-time, augmenting an organization’s security measures.

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