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40Cloud Introduces Network Security as-a Service


40Cloud Introduces Network Security as-a Service that

Lets Companies to Turn Their Public Cloud – Private

 Today we are happy to announce the global availability of 40Cloud’s solution. In a nutshell, the 40Cloud solution uniquely combine software defined networking (SDN) and software defined security (SDS) technologies.  In doing so, the 40Cloud Solution isolates and interconnects cloud deployments using a distinct “overlay network.” Using the overlay network, an organization can now able to build and control its own secure, flexible, and scalable virtual private cloud network over any, or over multiple, cloud infrastructure platforms (i.e.: Amazon, Rackspace, Google) as well as data centers.

By 2017, the public cloud market overall will grow 18.5% to $131 billion, with IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) being one of the fastest growing parts of public cloud services, according to Gartner. 40Cloud was designed to help companies, which have already migrated or are planning to migrate to the cloud, greatly improve their ability to:

  • fortify their security beyond what their cloud vendor provide,
  • integrate identity with their cloud solution,
  • reduce operating costs through simplifying and automating security configurations, and
  • improve business agility by leveraging  multi-cloud deployments that include multiple data centers and even different cloud providers.

The 40Cloud Solution provides comprehensive IT security elements, including AAA, a policy-based network firewall, encryption of data-in-transit, logs and audit trails.  It also provides identity-based network access and control, which ensures stronger security and a unified behavior across an organization’s on-premise and cloud deployments.  Infrastructure independent, 40Cloud can be deployed on all IaaS platforms. Its main components consist of:

Gateways: 40Cloud Gateways serve as entry points for all back-end traffic into a secured cloud network, authenticating users using VPN technology and enforcing access control policies. The gateways also securely interconnect multiple cloud networks or hybrid deployments.

Thin Agents: These are an optional software components installed on cloud servers (virtual or dedicated).  The agents enforce an organization’s security policies on the server, configure its firewall, and aid in establishing secure connectivity with other Agents and Gateways.

Web Admin Console and APIs:  40Cloud’s Admin Console and APIs are used to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot all security functions.  

Who will use the 40Cloud Solution?

One of the key challenges for companies managing their cloud deployments is how to efficiently scale security while growing their cloud business. 40Cloud has abstracted complicated security tasks and automated them, delivering immense scaling capabilities.  Through 40Cloud’s intuitive UI, system administrators, networking and security engineers can rapidly scale and deploy their entire cloud security solution with just a few mouse clicks. With 40Cloud, companies not only improve their cloud security, but also gain significant operational efficiencies through automated, end-to-end configuration.  Its enhanced manageability lets sys admins control and monitor their secure cloud network in real-time.

Want to try it yourself? It’s Free!
The 40Cloud solution is available immediately for  30-day trial, you can sign up here.

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