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40Cloud Launches its new HIPAA-Compliant Enterprise Class Release

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40Cloud is springing forward with its new, enterprise-grade release that offers improved security features and simplified policy management. This release has attained HIPAA-compliance to provide an effective solution at the high standard required by the regulated health care market. But that’s not all – 40Cloud now provides high availability for 40Cloud’s Gateways to ensure reliable connectivity within the cloud. More still, all this enhanced functionality is wrapped up with a number of GUI enrichments.

Improved Security Features

Support for VPN User Authentication using RADIUS

To allow for greater flexibility when utilizing Identity-based Authentication and Authorization systems, 40Cloud now supports an additional integration with external AAA systems. In addition to Active Directory, 40Cloud VPN users can now be authenticated against a RADIUS server.

Two-Factor Authentication

Administrators can now utilize Two-Factor Authentication when accessing the 40Cloud management console. In addition to a regular password (the first authentication factor), a second authentication factor is required. This second factor is a one-time password (OTP) code, generated by an Authenticator on a mobile device. Access to the Management Console is provided only after both passwords are verified.

Similarly, Two-Factor Authentication  is also available for VPN users connecting to the 40Cloud gateway. To establish their VPN connections, remote users can choose to utilize two-factor authentication with a password and the Authenticator OTP code.

Simplified Policy Management

Defining and managing policies is now easier than ever, as 40Cloud’s policies now can use an API to dynamically discover IP Addresses and automatically update deployed policies. This means that instead of specifying the IP address or an FQDN in each policy, Admins can now associate cloud elements like Tags and Security Group while using a cloud API to actually discover the instance IP that is associated with each cloud element.

Added Support of Network Policies

40Cloud now supports additional network policies that permit customization of Source and Destination address, a.k.a NAT polices. These policies can be utilized to assist with issues such as hiding IP addresses of internal servers that are communicating with external services, or with traffic forwarding from a front-facing server to an internal server. Other usages include managing overlapping IPs in the cloud, or replacing ports for incoming traffic.

High Availability

Always on, 24/7 – that’s what users demand these days. 40Cloud now provides High Availability for 40Cloud’s gateways, so that inter and intra-cloud communication is now resilient. 40Cloud now provides a high availability solution that works in two modes – Active/Passive and Active/Standby.

With Active/Passive mode, a cluster includes at least one active gateway and one slave in passive mode; should the active gateway fail, one of the passive gateways quickly takes over.

With Active/Standby mode, a single gateway is in active mode; if it fails another gateway is quickly launched to take over. Therefore, in this mode, even if the single gateway fails, the system automatically launches a replacement gateway that is quickly up and running to maintain business continuity.

New GUI, More Visibility

This new release introduces a new look and a new context menu. In addition to the handsome icons, a number of options are available via the context menu. A single click on a 40Cloud gateway allows immediate connection or disconnection of the gateway to any other element. In addition, properties of the gateway infrastructure such as the Security Group and Routes states, and other connection and policy details are readily displayed. More options, such as incoming and outgoing traffic counters, will be available shortly.

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