Advertising Technology
and Real-time Analytics

As the percentage of online viewing keeps rising, advertisers look for ways to maximize their dollars with addressable, cross-channel targeted campaigns. Ad tech companies provide programmatic advertisers with the advanced decisioning technology to increase engagement and boost returns.

The analytics these companies provide are based on live performance insights that identify demand trends within audience profile data, incorporating demographics, geographics and other statistics.

Ad tech companies also assist advertisers by monitoring real-time campaign performance across several sources to be able to adjust bidding strategies and increase win rate.

Ad tech companies have been migrating to the cloud to obtain:

High availability and robust processing

Improved data collection and
distribution response time

SaaS and IaaS to enable dynamic usage
and scalability, and thereby also lower

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Technical requirements for Ad Tech analysis and insights include:

Access to big data and considerable processing capabilities for competitive research, crunching data and trend analysis, etc.

Accessibility on multiple devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops

Secure transmission of all data, from data collection entities to digital media platforms, etc.

Geographic distribution of cloud resources to permit efficient data collection and dissemination of advertising content

The 40Cloud advantage for
Ad Tech companies:


Encrypted connectivity to implement secure global data collection and distribution across multiple sites; includes all major cloud providers and hybrid environments


Secure, simplified processing of big data analysis through automation of security and network configurations


Identity-based authentication and authorization that is enforced with access rights policies, significantly decreases the risk of internal and external hacks


Scalable solution that easily extends according to business growth

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