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What is 40Cloud?
40Cloud is a comprehensive security solution, delivered in a SaaS model, that lets non-security experts affordably create a secure, distributed network for Public Clouds. It provides secured networking, access control and auditing, as well a real-time monitoring capabilities.
Who is behind 40Cloud?
The team behind 40Cloud brings more than 100 years of experience in developing and integration of IT and Telecommunication solutions for the international Enterprise and Telecom markets. The people of 40Cloud come from highly innovative companies like Cisco Systems, ECI Telecom and others. 40Cloud is backed by Magma Venture partners.
How can 40Cloud enhance my AWS VPC deployment?
Using 40Cloud with AWS VPC provides the following benefits:
  • You can securely connect multiple VPCs on single or multiple regions creating one big secure network.
  • You can identify and authenticate the individuals accessing your cloud network using VPN technology.
  • You can enforce Access Control policies per individual user or groups of users.
  • You can automate Security Group and VPC routing configurations.
  • You can log audit trail and employee activity for future analysis.
Do I need to install anything on the Enterprise network or on my employees’ end-devices (PCs, laptops) in order to work with 40Cloud?
No, you don’t need to install anything on your enterprise network nor on the employees’ devices.  Your employees will now connect to the Cloud using a standard VPN client that is available for every operating system like Windows, Linux, OSX, etc.
Who installs 40Cloud Gateways and Agents?
40Cloud Gateways and Agents are installed by the customer (you) in your cloud account, on virtual servers that your allocate for the purpose.
How can 40Cloud help me with PCI compliance requirements?
40Cloud hardens your cloud deployments with the following security elements that are mandatory for PCI compliance:
  • Firewalls inspecting all cloud traffic
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Encryption of all data in-motion (i.e. traffic going to/from/within the cloud)
  • Access Control  (i.e. configuring different access rights to different groups of employees)
  • Audit trail and user activity logs
What are the Clouds that the 40Cloud solution is compatible with?
40Cloud solution is currently integrated with AWS, Rackspace, Google (GCE), IBM Softlayer, Microsoft Azure, Numergy and Digital Ocean Clouds. We are planning to add many other clouds in the upcoming months. If you would like to use our solution on other clouds, please contact us and let us know.
Do I need to share my AWS credentials with 40Cloud?
We recommend that you do, but you don’t have to. Sharing your AWS credentials with us will allow us to automate configuration tasks for you (e.g. security group updates etc.) and to give you valuable real-time information (e.g. list of the actual instances running in your VPCs). You can also control the permissions you grant us. If you prefer not the share your account details with us, our solution will work perfectly as well.
Can I work with 40Cloud without agents (‘agent-less’)?
Sure. It is possible to use 40Cloud without agents. In this case, server to server communication (inside the cloud) is not encrypted and is secured using the cloud provider's existing constructs (e.g.  Security Groups in AWS, Tags in GCP, etc.)
Can I connect multiple AWS VPCs using the 40Cloud solution?
Yes, 40Cloud Gateways are designed to enable connectivity and routing between multiple VPCs deployed on different AWS regions using private IP addressing and encrypted IPSec tunnels.
Can I configure firewall policies for traffic crossing between VPCs?
Yes you can, the 40Cloud admin console allows you to configure policies for traffic flowing between VPCs. The policies are enforced in the Gateways interconnecting the VPCs.
Can I connect multiple clouds using the 40Cloud solution?
Yes, 40Cloud’s solution was designed to be cloud-independent. Using the 40Cloud Gateways you can connect your deployments on different clouds or hybrid environments.
Can I control employees’ access to my cloud deployment?
Definitely, the 40Cloud solution controls all cloud back-end access using VPN.
Does the 40Cloud solution support integration with external identity infrastructures?
Yes, the 40Cloud solution supports integration with RADIUS, Active Directory, other LDAP enabled infrastructures.
Does the 40Cloud solution work on dedicated infrastructure
The 40Cloud solution can work with any infrastructure: Virtual and bare-metal.
How do I know how many gateways do I need?
Basically, you need one Gateway in every virtual private cloud environment (e.g AWS VPC, Rackspace Cloud Network) or data center (region). You may more than a single gateway per virtual private cloud environment if you choose to deploy Gateway high availability.
What are the performance limitations of the 40Cloud Gateway?
The performance of a 40Cloud Gateway depends to a large extent on the performance of the underlying virtual server(instance). When using 40Cloud you are free to chance the virtual instance type according to your performance needs. Changing the underlying instance type has no affect on your 40Cloud bill.
Can the 40Cloud Gateway work with AWS Directory Service?
Yes they can. Here how you do it.
How does 40Cloud work with VPC Peering?
40Cloud Gateway can be installed in a VPC peering group for more detail see the following post.
Can the 40Cloud Gateway can connect to an AWS Virtual Private Gateway (VPN)?
The 40Cloud Gateway can connect with AWS VPG as with any other IPSec enabled device. In many cases the 40Cloud Gateway provides additional flexibility that over come the VPG limitations. See the following post for more information.
Will 40Cloud sign a BAA?
Yes, 40Cloud provides a BAA for HIPAA Covered Entities. Contact us for BAA
Is the 40Cloud service HIPAA compliant?
The 40Cloud infrastructure adheres to HIPAA and HITECH security safeguards. The service itself also provides important security hardening such as: encryption data-in-transit, two-factor authentication etc. Note: requires subscription to the compliance package. Contact us for BAA and more info
What is the Entrepeneur package?
This plans offers a significant discount for young startup companies
What is the Enterprise+ package?
This plan is targeting organizations with stringent compliance needs for example under HIPAA regulation
What is the On-premise package?
The On-premise package allow enterprises to deploy a single tenant version of the 40Cloud solution. Unlike the other SaaS model packages, the On-premise package allows organizations to license the 40Cloud technology for its own use (cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployments).
What are the technical support levels offered by 40Cloud?
40Cloud offers the following support packages:
  • Email support - for Entrepreneur and Enterprise pricing plans
  • Phone support (within business hours) - For Enterprise+ and On-premise pricing plans
  • Hot line - customized support plan. Contact us for more details

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