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Identity Integration

Identity Integration

40Cloud offers Enterprise customers several integration options with existing (on-prem or cloud-based) Identity-based Authentication and Authorization systems, such as Active Directory (AD) or RADIUS. Such integration can be leveraged for central authentication of VPN users as well as to central identity-based access rights management.

Policy-based Firewall

Using the 40Cloud web admin console and APIs you can configure and edit Firewall policies that will be enforced on all 40Cloud elements. On selected clouds, 40Cloud can also automatically configure the infrastructure embedded firewall (e.g. AWS security groups) according to the configured policies.

Access Control

With 40Cloud, access to your cloud servers is controlled centrally and is identity-based. Anyone attempting to access your cloud servers is authenticated. In addition, authorization is enforced on all cloud users by means of Access Rights policies (i.e. who can access what) that are configurable through the 40Cloud admin console or APIs.

End-to-end encryption

The 40Cloud solution ensures that your company’s data in-motion is fully encrypted on every hop:
•  Company traffic going from your employees’ devices to the Cloud (and back)
•  Company traffic traveling across your cloud servers and between data centers (regions).
Encryption is performed using IPsec and VPN technologies.

IPSec Interconnect

Securely connect any remote enterprise or customer sites to your 40Cloud Gateways. Using the Web Admin Console you can easily configure and monitor IPSec connections to any standard IPSec device.

High Availability

40Cloud supports single and dual Gateway High Availability (HA) setups.
The HA solution provides fast and automatic recovery from network, tunnel and gateway outages.


The 40Cloud solution can be installed on any cloud infrastructure platform, public, private or hybrid, and on multiple platforms and data-centers simultaneously. This ensures maximal flexibility in deployment and reduces ‘lock-in’ concerns. Furthermore, 40Cloud provides an abstraction layer unifying multiple cloud platforms to allow single policy language and ubiquitous network security capabilities.

HIPAA Compliance

40Cloud assists the Healthcare industry with a full set of security safeguards to secure sensitive medical data in transit to (and from) the cloud. In addition, 40Cloud provides Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for HIPAA covered entities.

Automation & Orchestration

Automation and Orchestration

Using 40Cloud, security and network operations can be automated.  When you change a security policy, either manually or using APIs, the 40Cloud system automatically configures your entire cloud deployment with the new policy. In addition, 40Cloud provides auto-discovery and auto-configuration of cloud resources to support dynamic and elastic deployments.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

40Cloud dramatically enhances an organization’s visibility into its cloud deployment with the collection of user and network flows and other security events. 40Cloud’s Gateways deliver this data to internal or external Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions, enabling top-quality security controls of public or hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

40Cloud provides enriched monitoring of the enterprise network detecting suspicious behaviors and patterns, then delivers this information to integrated Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). This capability reveals access and authorization events, attack attempts and hazardous patterns in real-time, augmenting an organization’s security measures.

Easy setup for non-experts

You don’t need to be an IT expert to setup and work with 40Cloud Security is managed using high-level policies, such as ‘I want R&D engineers to be able to access engineering servers (but not production servers)’, ‘I want my DBM to have access to DB servers’, ‘I want the DevOps team to have access to all servers’.

Monitoring and Auditing

40Cloud logs system events and employees’ activity in your cloud, as well as the administrators’ audit trails. The collected information is stored and can be  retrieved and analysed when required at a later stage. The historical logs can serve for compliance and forensic purposes.

Built for the Cloud

Flexibility, agility and elasticity are the name of the game in the cloud. 40Cloud lets you enjoy these benefits without compromising security. It will scale according to your business needs, such as growing your servers, regions, users, type of applications or organizational aspects (e.g. multiple development sites, working with external contractors, etc.).

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