For financial institutions
accurate and secure
transaction processing
has always been critical.

Financial services providers are required to process, store and analyze tremendous volumes of data securely. At the same time, consumers now demand always-online transaction processing, a wide range of services and ubiquitous access, heightened by the growth in digital banking.

To accommodate these demands yet improve profitability, institutions are on the lookout for ways to enhance efficiency while lowering costs. Bank’s spending on IT has been the highest, at twice the average across all industries, therefore reducing costs is critical for these institutions. As more services are available within the cloud infrastructure and implementation time has steadily decreased, financial institutions recognize that the cloud provides distinct advantages:

Immense compute capacity on demand, which is crucial in the capital markets industry where milliseconds can affect
millions in profit

Flexible infrastructure capacity Allocate any amount of resources to any data center in the cloud, leading to increased collaboration, and accessibility of information

Attractive cost model Cloud computing services are billed on-demand, so that the usage-based pricing leads to savings

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In fact, data protection concerns are the biggest hurdle to cloud adoption by banking and financial institutions. 40Cloud provides appropriate safeguards, compliance and integration between all components of their systems:


Access Control

So that identity-based access to cloud servers is authenticated
and controlled centrally


Identity Integration

Identity-based Authentication
and Authorization systems, such
as Active Directory (AD) or



Is enforced on all cloud users by
means of Access Rights policies


Encryption of data-in-transit

At every hop between single and
multi-provider clouds, hybrid
environments and mobile
devices using IPsec and VPN technologies


Automation of network and security configuration tasks

Simplifies IT administration and
promotes scalability


Alerts and logs

Provide diagnostics to enable
prompt action

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