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Greenback Boogie: 3 Essential Security Practices for IaaS (The Suits Edition)

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For lawyers, security is all-important – they hold client secrets and are privy to the most intimate information. There’s much that the IT world can learn from them, so let’s take a look at the best practices of the most talented and colorful – the Suits lawyers at Pearson Spector Litt.

1.      Strong Sense of Identity

Everyone at Pearson Spector is well aware of who he or she is and what they have to do. Often it is their perceptive readings of their opponent that give these lawyers the special insight as to how to win a case. Yet when it came to protecting sensitive information at the firm, specifically personnel info, procedures were somewhat lacking. Louis was able to leave Harvey’s pay sheet on the copier for all to see, with highly negative effects for all those directly involved and to those who became privy to Harvey’s salary details.

The lesson for enterprise cloud deployments? Institute precise Identity Based Access (IBA) systems. Enterprises require a comprehensive network access system that relies on differentiated access control. Firewall rules must be configured to allow users access only to the restricted sets of compute resources that are relevant to their role.

With the upsurge in BYOD and remote user access, IBA management must encompass the entire deployment. A Network Based Access Control solution implements IBA with firewall rules that are based on user identity, not on the IP address. This approach helps prevent malicious access to compute resources by filtering traffic to the company network, not just to specific resources.

2.      Visibility

Nothing gets by Donna and Gretchen. To be able to quickly detect problems and ensure smooth running of Harvey and Louis’s cases and lives, these all-knowing women have their finger on every pulse.

With the number of harmful breaches that have occurred in the past few years, enterprises know that they require more than keen observation and intuition to obtain high visibility into their entire deployments. Enterprises must ensure that their security solution incorporates log data in real time. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) are critical in detecting potential security breaches. These systems collect, log and analyze data to expose access and authorization events, and hazardous patterns.

In addition, companies must also integrate Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems. SIEM applications provide real-time analysis of the security alerts generated by applications and hardware. These technologies provide faster identification, analysis and recovery of security events which also help fulfill an organization’s legal compliance obligations.

3.      Protection

Relationships matter greatly in Suits; Harvey and Mike have each other’s back, Rachel has Mike’s, Donna protects Harvey and Louis – the list intertwines. Yet ultimately, the firm wins out and Jessica is forced into some very problematic choices to protect her establishment.

Enterprises, like Jessica, must protect their assets, and a company’s most important assets are often its data, contained in their compute resources. An enterprise can protect its valuable data assets by creating a security overlay that encompasses the entire deployment, including on-premise and cloud. A security solution must comprise firewall, access control, and encryption by defining and enforcing network-wide policies over different infrastructures.

All encryption of data-in-motion should employ IPsec and VPN technologies to secure the traffic between cloud servers and data centers and extend to employees who connect from remote locations. In addition, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) methods should be integrated to ensure that even if company resources have been compromised, the data can’t be sent outside the company.

These are but a few of the takeaways we can glean from the Suits crew that we can apply to securing our cloud deployments. With the events of the latest episode of season 5 leaving us hanging, we’re counting down until the return from the mid-season break.


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