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Personal Health Information records contain the most confidential data we own, comprising our identifying data, medical history and financial information. Due to this grouping of confidential data, medical records are now worth more to criminals than credit-card numbers. Furthermore, healthcare companies and providers are often viewed as relatively easy targets that have not taken sufficient measures to protect their data.

Therefore, it is no surprise that attacks on healthcare data are the most frequent, with 44% of all hacks in 2013 directed at health related information.

“Cloud Implementations are becoming the default choice for CIOs in Healthcare”
says Skip Snow, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research, 2015

Volumes of online data continue to swell

Securing all this data is no easy task for health and life sciences organizations:

Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
have replaced paper files

Records and statistics pass
between hospitals, labs, doctors,
insurers, home offices, and so on

Digital data is collected on
mobile devices from patient
self-monitoring devices, during
paramedical home visits,
research surveys, etc.

In short, big healthcare data is
always on the move

Seamlessly integrate 40Cloud’s regulation-compliant solution


Provides an extensive security solution that protects healthcare providers and suppliers with a HIPAA compliant, scalable solution


Encrypts the bi-directional data transfer between clouds (including all leading cloud providers), on premise data centers and mobile devices


With 40Cloud’s access management solution all devices and users undergo two-factor authentication; access policies to an organization’s resources are enforced according to their identity, significantly decreasing the risk of internal and external hacks


Automation of security and network configurations simplify secure processing of big data analysis


Alerts and logs provide data to enable prompt action when suspicious incidents are detected


Report provide an audit trail to demonstrate compliance

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