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Impressions from AWS re:Invent 2014


This year was 40Cloud’s first time as a sponsor at re:Invent. We took part in a few AWS Summits in the past, but nothing prepared us for the magnitude of AWS re:Invent 2014.

We knew that the show was sold out earlier than expected, but we only had a chance to grasp the size of it as the crowd began flowing to the expo floor and stop at our booth to talk cloud security. We were a team of five at the booth, and combined I think we spoke to over 1,200 people throughout the show.

It was clear from the number of companies and the level of knowledge and familiarity with the AWS cloud offering, that cloud is the only way to do business nowadays. We had some very interesting discussions around security challenges like:

  • Identity integration and Access Control
  • Cross region VPC connectivity
  • Security Group automation and multi-region enforcement
  • Interconnecting IPSec devices to the cloud

AWS re:Invent is clearly THE must-attend conference of the year for anyone involved in IaaS. The sessions are highly insightful and if you happen to miss them start doing some catching up. The chance to meet with customers and learn about new ideas, challenges and implementations was well worth our time and money.  We will eagerly wait for AWS re:Invent in October 2015.

40Cloud team at re:Invent


One of our proud drone winners!


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