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Introducing 40Cloud: Making the Public Cloud Private

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By Amit Cohen.

At 40Cloud, we’re big believers in the huge benefits of public and hybrid clouds, but survey after survey about the barriers to cloud adoption show that one of the top concerns about cloud computing — if not the #1 concern — is security.

Just last week UK cloud provider Peer1 published another such survey which showed that “the fear of security threats is preventing 92 percent of IT decision makers from adopting the cloud.” It’s one of many such surveys.

And these concerns remain despite the many attempts to offer solutions to the problem, some from the cloud providers themselves, such as Amazon VPC, and some from various startups and established vendors. All of these solutions fail to address the real-life needs of many cloud users.

We thought there is a better way and 18 months ago, we set out to build that better way. The result is 40Cloud.

40Cloud is a new kind of virtual private cloud (VPC) service. 40Cloud lets non-security experts affordably create a secure, distributed network for public clouds and hybrid clouds.

40Cloud is a comprehensive security solution that addresses networking, access control and auditing. And one of its unique aspects is that it provides end-to-end encryption, covering both user-to-server and server-to-server.

It works cross-region (e.g., between EC2 US East and EU) cross-cloud (e.g., between AWS and Rackspace), and for hybrid clouds (between the public cloud and on-premise). We currently support AWS and Rackspace Cloud, but will support additional cloud providers in the future. Stay tuned.

BTW, when we say it’s for non-security experts, we mean it. For example, to set policies, you don’t need to understand how Internet Key Exchange, split-tunneling or NAT traversal work. Heck, you don’t even need to know what that means. You set policies by saying what you want to do, not how to do it.

On the other hand, we also let security experts have full access to what they need.

So we encourage you to join our free beta and try it out for yourself.

And please, follow us on Twitter for updates and cloud security tips.

Amit Cohen

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