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New feature update: Securely connect any Enterprise site to your cloud

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Internet Protocol Security, or IPSec, is a safe and encrypted framework for a set of protocols for security at the network or packet processing layer of network communication. It is also one of the most common ways to connect different locations over a public network. Recently, we’ve been receiving a number of requests from clients asking to connect different company’s and customer’s sites to their cloud deployments using IPSec.

The combination of IPSec and 40Cloud is a natural fit and we are pleased to announce our latest feature that enables users to connect, monitor, and control any remote IPSec device directly within the 40Cloud web admin console. The IPSec Interconnect feature lets you control external IPSec connectivity as an integral part of your cloud security solution.

There are a number of scenarios in which IPSec connectivity to the public cloud is a necessary challenge.

Scenario 1: An organization with offices in multiple locations needs to give its employees static continuous access to a central server in a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment.

Scenario 2: A SaaS Company deployed in the cloud needs to securely connect customer enterprise networks to its cloud service network.

Scenario 3: An organization needs to route traffic between a private subnet in the cloud and a private subnet in another location. In this instance, the IPSec connection is used as an overlay media on which IP packets with private IP addresses can be routed and transported.

40Cloud makes your public cloud private by building a secure and dynamic perimeter around your cloud infrastructure resources. As such, in addition to all other security functionalities, users can now connect any 3rd party IPSec device directly to the 40Cloud gateways to ensure secure connectivity.

Why connect your IPSec devices using 40Cloud?

The benefits of using IPSec interconnect are numerous, not least of which is the ability to monitor the connection using our web admin console. Expert users have the flexibility to control the IPSec connection parameters down to the finest details (e.g. encryption protocols, etc.) while less-informed users can use ready-made templates to simplify and facilitate IPSec configuration.

The ability to connect remote IPSec devices is an add-on to the current benefits and capabilities of the 40Cloud solution. To learn more about securing your infrastructure through a policy-based firewall, identity integration, cloud security automation, and more – take a tour of our solution features.

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