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  • Looking to add VPN access to your Rackspace environment?
  • Want to connect cloud networks on multiple regions?
  • Attempting to scale cloud security operations?
  • Looking for enhanced visibility into your deployment?


Enhancing Rackspace Private

Cloud Networks

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40Cloud augments Rackspace’s private cloud and hybrid networks, offering a comprehensive cloud
security solution.

By implementing encrypted connectivity and secure communication across multiple sites, 40Cloud
creates a secure virtual private network overlay. This network overlay enforces routing and firewall
policies on the entire Rackspace deployment, including hybrid configurations.

40Cloud’s automation enables DevOps teams and IT administrators to fully orchestrate security
policies during migration, ongoing administration and throughout cloud-based software development.


The 40Cloud Gateways define the only entry-points to your Rackspace deployment and these software routers also enforce Access Control Policies. All employees or other remote users accessing your cloud servers will connect to the Gateways using standard VPN technology and will have their identity authenticated. The Gateways are self-installed on a dedicated instance, normally one per region, and can be interconnected in a mesh of VPN links to other Gateways and on premise firewall devices.

Web Admin Console

The 40Cloud Web Admin Console’s intuitive UI is used to monitor network connectivity status, system events and alarms. In addition, system administrators, Security and/or DevOps teams can utilize the Web Admin Console to monitors and configure firewall policies, user roles and access rules, as well as build the static VPN connectivity.

Thin Agents

The Agent facilitates the construction of the secured and encrypted communication links with the other agents in its data-center and the 40Cloud Gateways. A single software agent is in charge of enforcing the configured security policies on the virtual server itself. One agent is installed per Rackspace instance.

How It Works

Rackspace Use Cases

The 40Cloud solution ensures that your company’s data in-motion is fully encrypted on every hop and that firewall
policies are deployed to control access to your company’s resources.

Site to Site VPN

40Cloud accesses the Rackspace cloud services that are offered via ServiceNet  (Rackspace’s service network) and launches instances into a private IP subnet (PrivateNet) to control all traffic going in and out of this private subnet with a firewall.  Using IPSec connections and VPN technologies, the 40Cloud Gateways can securely connect any remote site to the Rackspace cloud, in any topology or IP addressing setup

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Multi-Region and Hybrids

40Cloud’s solution securely connects multiple private subnets on one or several data-centers (e.g. in a mesh setup) together with remote enterprise sites. In addition, 40Cloud unifies global firewall policies and relevant security settings on instances on multiple regions into a single, fully connected unit. 40Cloud provides VPN-based, highly available connectivity between the regions.

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Software Defined Security

The 40Cloud solution streamlines and simplifies security procedures, so that software-defined security can be easily incorporated within DevOps environments. 40Cloud’S API’s enable orchestration of identity-based access, SIEM and additional security components.

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Highly Available Network Access

With its single and dual Gateway High Availability (HA) setups, 40Cloud enhances Rackspace’S promise of high performance and throughput. 40Cloud’s High Availability solution provides fast and automatic recovery should network, tunnel and gateway outages occur.

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A++ Support:

As Rackspace customer you have grown accustomed to the exceptional customer service for which Rackspace is famous. 40Cloud is proud to offer incomparable assistance with implementation of data security and networking tasks throughout the integration of 40Cloud within the Rackspace deployment.

Cost efficiency:

40Cloud simplifies and automates security configurations, reducing operating costs, as in-house security expertise is hardly required. The SaaS-based solution provides the flexibility for you to scale as your Rackspace deployment develops, with a variety of plans to fit your specific requirements.

Operational efficiency:

40Cloud’s IT management and maintenance tasks are completed in minimal time even by non-expert IT professionals. The alerts and logs offer enhanced visibility into the cloud operations, assisting IT staff highlight connectivity and other networking and security issues.

Business agility:

40Cloud delivers a dynamic security solution that scales as your organization adds users, data traffic, devices and geographic locations. You’ll be able to scale cloud security operations to any required level, based on the adaptable automation engine and northbound REST APIs.

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