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VERY REAL! 40Cloud Leaves AWS without Shirts

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Actually, our team did leave with the shirts on their back, but the giveaway shirts were snatched up before lunch was over. FOR REAL? Sure was! With a few hundred visitors dropping by the booth throughout the day, the team was on their toes explaining how 40Cloud secures cloud environments.

More than that, our team was pleased to announce a new partnership at the conference. 40Cloud has joined forces with Datapipe, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and a global leader in managed hybrid IT solutions for enterprise. The new joint Datapipe-40Cloud solution combines Datapipe’s Two-Factor Authentication with 40Cloud’s advanced identity integration and access management technology.

AWS always presents a new innovation at their Summit in New York and this year was no exception. In his keynote, Werner Vogels, AWS CTO, highlighted AWS’s focus on partner relationships and on developments in the Platform as a Service (PaaS) arena.

AWS’s new global partner program encourages partners to build SaaS applications on AWS by  providing business and technical content to streamline SaaS development and commercial processes. The new Innovation Sandbox pilot allows partners to test SaaS offerings at no charge, enabling partners to extend their SaaS offerings.

Vogels unveiled the AWS API Gateway, a pay-as-you-go service that provides developers with the process automation to create and manage REST APIs. These APIs can be incorporated into implementations running on AWS Lambda, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or even non-AWS publicly hosted services. The API Gateway directs all the tasks involved in processing numerous concurrent API calls, so that companies can wrap large enterprise applications in a wrapper that connects to Web services.

Vogels also announced the Amazon Device Farm that enables testing of mobile app compatibility, on Android and Amazon Fire phones and tablets inside the AWS cloud. This managed service provides testing environments on actual smartphones and tablets within the AWS cloud. Developers can use this service to test apps and devices and use the reports to pinpoint issues within their code.

In addition, he introduced AWS Machine Learning Services, which assists developers in building typical data models, gathering data and with interpretations and predictions; this functionality can be used to detect fraudulent transactions and so on.

40Cloud, an AWS Technology Partner, was pleased to be part of this enlightening event and we look forward to seeing you all at Re:Invent in October, 2015.


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